Renaming the Kodak Theatre

The bankrupt Eastman Kodak company has asked out of its naming agreement for the Kodak Theatre, the current Home of the Oscars, potentially desecrating 10 proud, corporate-sponsored years of awards-hosting tradition. Should its request be granted, the venue’s going to need a new name, and quickly. So rather than allow the Academy and the owners of Hollywood’s favorite tourist-clogged malltertainment destination suffer the embarrassment of a blank marquee, we’re here to help line them up with potential sponsors and names.

    • Grauman’s Chinese Oscardome
    • The B of A Reasonable Access Fee Debit Card Theatre
    • The David Geffen Oscar Playhouse
    • In-N-Out Arena
    • The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Hall of Sad, Costumed Panhandler Justice
    • The Steven Spielberg Automatic Bid Pavilion
    •’s Visit Our Website to See Some Bullshit Involving Meryl Streep in a Bra OscarTittytown
    • Armen’s Hollywood T-Shirt and Bong Stall Awards Annex
    • The Better Luck Next Lifetime, Brett Ratner Amphitheater Sponsored by Verizon
    • The Weinstein Company Oscar Museum and Conference Center

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