“Party” Video: Beyoncé’s Trailer Bash

Beyoncé is blonde as shit and properly on her Courtney Stodden in the new video for “Party.” You are beautiful, Bey. Turn the makeup gun down two notches. I have no problem with slutty looks, especially from my pop stars, but this isn’t my favorite Beyoncé styling. Firstly, this video screams “summer” and it’s nearly Halloween, which is why Rihanna’s spooky UK youth cultures in a blender video for “We Found Love” seemed so appropriate (pools:summer::fields:fall). The problem with the video for “Party” is that the party doesn’t look very fun. It looks staged and totally unspontaneous in every way, even the bunny ears at the end. Beyoncé looks kinda crazy rolling around sexily on every surface in sight, and also like she has one eye on the clock the whole time. The best image in “Party” is Beyoncé in a gold birthday hat.

And André 3000’s verse, the highlight of the album version, has been traded out for a serviceable guest shot from J. Cole (nothing against J. Cole, I just like the André verse. Gyros!). Beyoncé hiring her sister and cousin to play her best girlfriends in the video is so funny. The sudden release of all these music videos is to promote another DVD anthology, now a tradition for Bey that extends the life of the album and reminds fans that she remains the hardest-working human in show business. The DVD for 4 will provide the universe with many visual recordings of Beyoncé’s amazing pregnancy boobs. Amen.

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