Overplayed Song of the Week: Kirko Bangz, ‘Drank in My Cup’

Welcome to the brand-new column Overplayed Song of the Week. Every week, Hollywood Prospectus editor and masochistically devoted mainstream radio listener Emily Yoshida will pick an aging Top 40 hit that she has heard enough times to render meaningless, and thus ripe for having otherwise inaccessible epiphanies about.

Weeks on Chart: 53
Peak: No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 (R&B/Hip Hop), May 19, 2012
Current Radio Play Frequency No. 3 on Power 106’s PowerPlaylist


It was on the 40th or 50th listening of this song a couple weeks ago that I finally came around to it, but if you’re staring down this long-winded dissection of “Drank in My Cup” with a raised eyebrow, trust me, I see you: This song is very easy to dismiss (once you realize it’s not a Drake song) for a bunch of reasons. One: I’m not sure that it’s entirely in good taste to appropriate a dead person’s name for your rap name, even if the ‘z’ is supposed to make it lighthearted and post-millennial or what have you. Two: The repeated refrain to the long-term NSA fuck buddy at the center of the song’s narrative (“Girl, I know how much you really want somebody, want somebody that don’t really need you”) can very easily come off as insulting and emotionally tone-deaf.

But the verses on “Drank in My Cup” are buttery-smooth and flawless, and I never change the station whenever it comes on, which is saying something, as L.A.’s Power 106 plays it about once every 15 minutes even a year after its initial release. The song is stronger lyrically when it’s telling the story of this girl who dumped her boyfriend for Kirko, rather than when Kirko presumes to know how she feels about the situation (Let’s be real, hypothetically: probably kind of neglected and dumb).

Production highlight: The production on the verses trades off between swelling synths, which are, for lack of a more technical term, VERY VERY SEXY, and a jumpy little reggae-ish beat (0:45 and 2:12) that was custom made for sit-dancing while stuck in gridlock (so I’ve heard from, uh, friends).

Production lowlight: It’s not a song-killer, but I could do without the “drank pouring” sound effect that closes out the first chorus.

Lyrical highlight: In the second verse, Mr. Bangz takes a break from the N-bombs and F-grenades to deliver this sweet gem:

“Same page, same book, different song, same hook”

That line is so emo-beautiful and perfect it makes my heart hurt. I’m also really taken with the use of the phrase “get right” as a noun.

I’m used to bein’ that one and done
But girl you got that get-right

Like all good slang, it’s literally vague yet still evocative. Here it mostly refers to satisfying coitus (I’m assuming), but I’d like to start using it as an alternative pronoun for more commonplace items like sparkling mineral water and lobster burritos (As in: “Hey, I’m heading out to the sushi truck to get me some of that get-right. Want in?” “Nah, bro, I just had three units of get-right and I’m a lil’ burpy.”

Lyrical lowlight: “Fossil pants, I’m hard as rock.” Literally the only time you’re going to hear an R&B singer/rapper bragging about owning pants from Macy’s.

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