The New Quvenzhané Wallis–Starring ‘Annie’ Has a Trailer

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There’s rarely any real need for a remake, especially when the original is a multigenerational childhood-definer. But when you’re doing it as a showcase for a sensational 10-year-old named Quvenzhané Wallis — our youngest Oscar nominee ever, for 2012’s Beasts of the Southern Wild — nobody needs to argue.

Two unexpected things from the debut trailer: Will Gluck’s take on Annie will probably be an awesome moneyed-life movie for kids (every generation needs its Blank Check, right?) and maybe even a fun document about New York City in the 2010s. Anyway — don’t miss Cameron Diaz as a misspoken buzzkill name-dropping Clooney and Facebook while wearing fuzzy garments. Only nine more months till you get to hear what Jay Z did with the music and find out how happy you feel when Miss Wallis leads a dance routine.

(Important footnote: Jamie Foxx seems to be called Will Stacks now, which is a marked letdown from Benjamin Stacks, which would’ve been everything.)

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