Moonrise Kingdom Dominates the Box Office (Art House Division)

How limited is the release of Wes Anderson’s new film Moonrise Kingdom? Well, as this reporter discovered on Friday, it didn’t even open in Canada. But even without the powerhouse Canadian audience driving ticket sales, Kingdom opened huge: According to Deadline, it took in an average of $130,752 in four U.S. locations over the long weekend, thus setting a new specialty box office record. (Judging by the crowd I saw it with yesterday on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, ticket buyers largely consisted of loud sexagenarians who find solemn pre-adolescents irresistibly charming.)

Anyway, congratulations to the auteur on this new career high. I’m going to guess that he is celebrating in one or more of the following ways:

  • Rolling around in a meadow full of bluebells
  • Toasting with a glass of his own small-batch artisanal black licorice liqueur
  • Giving his intern a bonus (in the form of a turquoise ukulele)
  • Upgrading all his blazers’ elbow patches to a finer grade of leather
  • Skipping

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