Mila Kunis Gives Delightful Junket Interview, Melts Internet

Let’s join virtually every Internet-connected citizen of the world in watching with slack-jawed delight as Mila Kunis, weary from a day of regurgitating practiced answers to promote Oz the Great and Powerful, throws away her script and helps a nervous, inexperienced BBC Radio kid get through seven minutes of normally stultifying junket time. No, she’s not going to go to his mate Dicko’s wedding and drop trou, and probably won’t be throwing down “lad bombs” with the boys, as fun as that sounds, but she is launching him into the viral stratosphere. It’s all charming enough to make us forget, however briefly, that she’s dating Ashton Kutcher, a severe buzzkill we already regret mentioning.

(An aside to all other actresses hawking movies: See how easy this is? Give it a whirl next time. Worst-case scenario is you wind up in a bar, chugging shots of Jägermeister and Red Bull as your publicist dies of an aneurysm.)

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