‘Interstellar’ Trailer: The McConaissance in Space

One less reason to leave the house: The Interstellar trailer that’s now playing ahead of showings of Godzilla is also now playing on your computer screen. That means you can get a taste of Christopher Nolan’s super-secretive Batman follow-up and stay home tonight to reorganize your collection of deflated nylon birthday balloons. A win-win!

In typical Nolan fashion, this thing has been tightly under wraps ever since its existence was even acknowledged, but the bare-bones basics are this: To save the world, Matthew McConaughey goes wormhole divin’. The first trailer barely nodded at the plot, running a McC monologue about the bounds of human achievement (“perhaps we’ve just forgotten … that we are still pioneers … that we’ve barely begun … that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us”) over a montage of space travel and some tantalizing photo of our man Matthew inexplicably weeping as he drives a truck down a dusty farm road. It was kind of beautiful?

This second trailer seems to go more in the way of traditional movie promotion, and actually acknowledges that this thing has a plot: We see McConaughey get drafted into this world-saving mission, and we understand that he’s crying because he may never see his children again. But don’t worry about this giving away too much. For one, you may have noticed that every bit of non-space McConaughey footage has the dude wearing the same outfit, and so was presumably all cut from the same sequence? Also, this thing has a huge, high-profile cast (including Wes Bentley, John Lithgow, Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn, David Oyelowo, and Mr. Topher Grace himself), and other than Michael Caine, a beat of Jessica Chastain, and the terrified face of Cosmonaut Anne Hathaway, we don’t see them. Spoilerphobes, rest assured: It’s still Christopher Nolan, and he’s not giving you anything more than he has to.

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