Howard Stern Won’t Let Letterman Let Go Of His Leno Hate

The Late Night Wars are long over — Letterman’s survived into his 30th year, Conan’s found his place on basic cable, and Jay Leno, diminished but unkillable, still gets to drive home from Burbank each night and polish a 1925 Doble Steam Car with a $150,000 diaper that once swaddled the bottom of an infant Henry Ford. Still, it’s a good time when loyalist Howard Stern shows up for the Letterman anniversary festivities with a giant wooden spoon and tries to stir up Dave’s still-simmering shit-pot. Leno, of course, will find a way to nourish himself with all the negativity and grind out another 40 years behind the Tonight Show desk out of spite, though you’d never know he’s harboring all that pent-up resentment inside the giant, smiling head resting atop the cyborg hosting exoskeleton pretending to listen to Justin Bieber Jr.’s virtual tour stories.

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Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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