Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: The Game of Thrones Finale, Mad Men, and More Hawke Talk

Game of ThronesThis week on the pod, Andy and I rode solemnly out of Westeros for the last time this season. We talked about Lannister family matters, whether or not Game of Thrones‘s season finale lived up to the penultimate episode’s blood and guts, and doled out some awards for the season. Spoiler alert: Jamie is LeBron.

Before we got into all that, we discussed the movies of Ethan Hawke, the secret movie star. Hawke’s got two movies in the theaters now — one of which is good (Before Midnight), and one of which is crazy successful (The Purge), so Andy and I looked back over his career and talked about what makes him the governor of the hottest state.

We wrapped things up with a chat about this week’s cringe-worthy Mad Men. Come on over whenever; we’ll leave a key with the doorman.

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