Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Looper and Homeland’s Season Premiere

LooperOn today’s Hollywood Prospectus Podcast, Andy and I are united in the studio but divided on the subject of Rian Johnson’s new sci-fi mind-bender, Looper (2:15). It’s not like oceans of time separate us, but let’s put it this way: The order of people who love this movie definitely goes like this: (1) China, (2) me, (3) Andy. How did we feel about the dizzying narrative, JoGo’s eyebrows, or Emily Blunt’s pantomime smoking? Listen and learn.

For the second half of the pod, Andy and I dye our hair and throw on some contacts for the new season of Homeland (25:45). Can the creative team behind Showtime’s juggernaut possibly keep up the high standards it set with its Emmy Award–winning premiere season? What does its popularity mean for television in general? And why does a program that gets so much so right get a Quaker worship meeting so wrong?! When you’ve got two topics this good, ’tis a gift to be simple, friends.

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