Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Denzel Washington, Homeland, and The Walking Dead

Denzel Washington in FlightKing Kong probably has a few things on Chris Ryan and me. But as evidence has shown, the big guy has nothing on Denzel Washington. In anticipation of Flight (2:10), we had a spirited discussion/IMDb trawl on the man Chris termed “the greatest movie star of our lifetime.” Once we finished singing the praises of The Siege and brushing our St.Elsewhere mustaches, we moved to the small screen, tackling the most recent episodes of Homeland (20:50) and The Walking Dead (32:40). Have we reached the end of the road for Carrie and Brody? And does the arrival of the Governor and his exotic collection of face-fish temper our simmering disgust with the Grimes family?

Finally, it was time for a long overdue visit to the Peacock hospital (40:30), where we discussed the end-stage face-lift of Up All Night and the proposed Office spinoff buying the farm. So saddle up your Lippizaner stallions! As long as there’s power, there’ll be a Hollywood Prospectus podcast.

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