Here’s That ‘Famous Actor Reading the Insane Sorority Letter’ Viral Video You Ordered, Starring Michael Shannon

If you have not already had the pleasure of reading the mouth-frothingly psychotic Delta Gamma sorority letter that made the rounds last week, tie yourself down to whatever chair you’re sitting in and give it a fucking look. Marvel at the epistolary poetry, think to yourself, Gosh, this seems almost eerily destined to be read in dramatic lighting by any one of our Serious Male Thespians; I sure would like to see something like that, then click back to this tab and bask in the glory of Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael Shannon spitting boozy bile all over Rebecca Martinson’s now immortal words. The whole thing is obviously mandatory viewing, but you knew going in it was going to be pass/fail based on Shannon’s delivery of the phrase “c— punt,” and, well, rest assured, the man delivers.

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