Grantland Network Podcast: Basketball Wives LA’s Draya Michele, and Rembert Browne

Cody Bess for VH1 Basketball Wives

Things I didn’t expect to happen when Draya recorded a podcast with me at the Grantland Studio:

    1. Her to show up
    2. Her to be super sweet
    3. Her to make jokes with the security guard
    4. Her to answer my questions
    5. Her to be genuinely interested in other human beings
    6. Her to be so proud of her past career in exotic dancing
    7. Her to be a sports fan
    8. Her to have a tattoo on her calf that says “123”
    9. Her to be so candid about the other women on the show
    10. Her to actually tell me that she met Gloria in an acting class and wasn’t cast for the show (yeah right)
    11. Her to admit she has a sex tape
    12. Her to be vague about how she makes her living

Yeah, you’re right, I did expect that last one. But for real, Draya was really fun to talk to and is refreshingly normal for someone who gets bikini-waxed on camera for a living. She has an “around-the-way girl” vibe going on under the fancy clothes that will put anyone at ease. I bet we will be scoring Draya for years to come in the GRTFL. Shout out to her.

The second guest was Grantland writer Rembert Browne. Rembert and I share a love for HBO’s How To Make It In America. I don’t like this show, but I love this show. It doesn’t make sense to me either. I haven’t yet admitted to myself that I enjoy it more than Homeland, The Walking Dead, and Sunday Night Football, but I suspect it might be true. Rembert and I broke it down and spoke about some of his past and present projects at Grantland. Rem was a great guest and will be back on my podcast soon.

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