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To celebrate Goz Appreciation Month — what? it’s a real thing, as of now — Time Warner Cable is offering an entire On Demand channel of the newly identified Ryan Gosling Genre of film. Why should you have to hunt around the wildly inconsistent Netflix Instant catalog or wade through dozens of programming grid menu items in hopes of finding your favorite Gosling movie (The Notebook), your second-favorite Gosling movie (The Notebook), or your seventh-favorite Gosling movie (The Notebook, with Spanish subtitles)? Just navigate to Gosling On Demand, click on Ryan Gosling’s name, and bam!, you are mere moments of cache-buffering away from buffering your cache to images of Ryan Gosling building a house or some shit. Try it! You can do this for all of February!

BTW, did you know that Ryan Gosling’s character in Drive (some movie he’s in that’s not The Notebook, who cares) was a werewolf? He totally was a werewolf.

[h/t Gawker/NYDN]

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