Let’s Start Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of ‘Ghostbusters’ With This Trailer for the Rerelease

Ghostbusters is returning to theaters for one week starting August 29, three decades and a few months after its original release. This trailer is a celebration of/advertisement for that, and it’s a super successful ploy to get your nostalgia glands working overtime. If you happen to be summer movie–d out by then, the digitally restored Ghostbusters hits Blu-ray on September 16.

Curb Your Enthusiasm ain’t done, folks. There’s no announcement about a new season or anything, but Larry David says to hang tight.

Fargo Season 2 MIGHT emulate a different Coen brothers movie. That could also totally be wishful thinking/a misreading of showrunner Noah Hawley’s new comments.

David Duchovny wrote a novel. It’s narrated by a cow named Elsie Bovary. It gets crazier from there. [via]

The Knick hasn’t premiered yet, but Cinemax just ordered a second season. Ten episodes again, all directed by Steven Soderbergh again.

Learn all about the history of movies in nine minutes.

HBO is basically a second home to Jay Z and Beyoncé by now, so it’s going to air an On the Run tour special in September, filmed from two stops in Paris.

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe will partner up as 1970s detectives in Shane Black’s The Nice Guys.

The film adaptation of Locke & Key — a stunning graphic novel series by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill — has tapped a (rookie) screenwriter.

Did you or a loved one actually believe that Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur? Please say no.

And Pamela Anderson wrote a long divorce poem on Facebook.

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