Girls in Hoodies Podcast: Gaga–Del Rey Beef, The Newsroom, and an Amanda Bynes Conspiracy Theory

Lady Gaga and Lana Del ReyThe Girls have a lot to talk about now that everyone (i.e., Emily) is back in the same room, and Tess and Molly do their best to get her up to speed on everything important that happened on the Internet while she was gone (i.e., “Mass Text”). Our favorite kerfuffle this week was “So Legit,” a little unearthed gem from Lana Del Rey’s prolific back catalogue that throws the art-diva feud between her and Lady Gaga into harsh relief. We also catch up on the second season of The Newsroom, and try to evaluate whether Aaron Sorkin can really take notes with regard to the complaints about the first season. We also poke around at a highly questionable conspiracy theory about the erratic behavior of former child stars like Amanda Bynes, and speculate how Seth MacFarlane’s Cosmos sequel will pan out on Fox. Climb aboard Spaceship Hoodies for this week’s supersize tour of the pop cultural beyond.

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