Girls in Hoodies Podcast: Breaking Bad, Bangerz, Lorde, and MasterChef Junior

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First off, an announcement: The Girls in Hoodies are on Tumblr! We’re not entirely sure what we’re going to post there yet, but if you have questions or suggestions about the pod you can let us know there. OK!

We start off this week’s pod with a bit of a chat about Breaking Bad’s finale, and how nailing an ending becomes a different problem for a show that’s always been about the plot. We then move on to Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz, which is streaming this week and is the culmination of all her relentless and successful efforts to be our no. 1 pop cultural obsession. Does the music live up to the media circus? More importantly, is her collaboration with Nelly, “4×4,” as good as it should be on paper?

Molly and Tess are all in on Bangerz, but Emily’s been swayed by newcomer Lorde and her debut album, Pure Heroine. A brutal(ly friendly) debate ensues over whether Ella Yelich O’Connor can hang with the already crowded pantheon of female pop stars or if she’s already put her foot in her mouth too many times, and how comfortable and optimistic we are with a 16-year-old rising to fame so quickly. While we’re on the subject of terrifying child prodigies, we wrap up with MasterChef Junior’s unsettling kid cuisine and the strangeness of seeing children in a competitive reality setting. Kids these days: making better pop songs and soufflés than they have any right to.

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