Girls Did a Really Nice Whitney Houston Tribute Cover

Here is a fact you are already aware of: For the foreseeable future, the world is going to be inundated with Whitney Houston tributes. Objectively, this is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. Maybe you’re the kind of person that likes to pay homage in your own, private way, and finds gushingly emotional public responses contrived and uncouth? Maybe you’re the kind of person who thinks every Whitney fan alive should upload a video of themselves ugly-crying to YouTube? Who knows? You have to live your life your way. But purely in the interest of pointing you in the direction of all the really nice tribute things that are happening right now, here is a video (via Pitchfork) of Girls — the San Francisco duo behind last year’s pristine-but-totally-not-in-a-boring-way Father, Son, Holy Ghost — performing “I Will Always Love You” at a festival in Singapore this weekend. Front man Christopher Owens tackles the track with just his vocals and his guitar; sensibly, he stays away from any attempt at histrionics, playing the song straight and simple. “Sing with me,” he asks, and the crowd complies. A couple of times he looks like he’s going to cry, but never actually does. Anyway, thanks, Chris. That was nice.

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