Friday Mix Tape: David Lynch Would Like to Sing to You and the Rest of the Songs of the Week

David Lynch, “Crazy Clown Time”

When David Lynch announced he was dropping a full-length album, he had two options. First: Move radically away from the fragmented horror movie vibe everyone was expecting. Maybe pop out a few smooth, serviceable alt-country numbers, or an instrumental trad-jazz thing? Second: Move wholeheartedly toward the fragmented horror movie vibe everyone was expecting. This song is called “Crazy Clown Time” so, yep, he did the second thing.

DJ Drama feat. J. Cole and Chris Brown

There are two highly successful personalities in the music industry with no discernible talent: they don’t sing, they don’t rap, they don’t produce. They don’t do anything, actually, but ask their famous friends to get on posse cuts, and yell. Their names are DJ Drama and DJ Khaled. Serious question: how are they not, as we speak, waging a blood feud?

Willow Smith feat. Nicki Minaj, “Fireball”

Can Willow Smith ever top the concentrated bit of mania that was “Whip My Hair”? Or is she destined to flame out before reaching bat mitzvah age? Her new single “Fireball,” and her latest attempt to stave off tween obsolescence, is here.

Jackie Chain feat. Bun B, “Parked Outside”
“Parked Outside” is the kind of down South slow-burn jam that needs a massive car system to max its potential, but your tinny laptop speakers should be okay, too. By the way, Jackie Chain – pretty much the best rap name a half-Asian guy from Hunstville, Alabama could ever have, right?

Rick Ross, “I Love My Bitches”

Ahead of his next studio album, God Forgives, I Don’t, Ross dropped two new tracks. “You The Boss” with Nicki Minaj is sappy and boring, but “Bitches” has the (not politically correct!) goods: “A month ago, I gave a chick a hundred stacks / Straight to Neiman Marcus, young bitch had a heart attack.”

Britney Spears, “Everyday”

An unreleased Britney ballad of unknown origin that sounds exactly like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Is it weird to hear Spears this placid? It’s 2011, post-meltdown and dead-eye comeback: hearing or seeing Spears do anything is weird.

Joe Jonas, “Just In Love (Remix)” Feat. Lil Wayne

Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe. We know you mean well, attempting to “shake things up” by tacking a rap verse onto your mature single. Sadly, the ship has long sailed for Lil Wayne to be that dude; someone should have told you Rick Ross was now the man to call. (Tyler, the Creator would have been nice too, but probably asking too much).

DRC Music, “Hallo”

The story here is that Damon Albarn recently led a crew of producers, including Dan the Automator and Richard Russell, down to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they collaborated with local musicians and churned out a charity album for Oxford in seven days. Which means: this song has no right to be as catchy as it is.

King Krule, “The Noose of Jah City”

King Krule is a British teenager who looks like mo-cap Tin Tin and blew some minds last year with the aching heartbreak jam “Out Getting Ribs” (released under his then moniker, Zoo Kid). Does he sound any happier on “Noose”? Thankfully, no, not much.

Black Star, “The Fix”

Why aren’t people more excited that Mos Def and Talib Kweli have finally reunited their classic nineties backpack-rap duo? We seriously can’t come up with a good answer.

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