First Eastbound & Down Season 4 Trailer: The Bleached-Blond Phoenix Has Risen Up

The upcoming fourth season of Eastbound & Down, Danny McBride’s coked-out bullpen opera, will be its last. Or will it? (It will. You know, unless they change their minds again, fill the rosin bag with blow, and take the water ski for another ride around the lake, metaphorically speaking.) The point is this: Our remaining time together is short. It’s important that we cherish it, clutch Kenny to our breast, press his ear to our thrumming hearts. Because it thrums for him. Though that may be the blow again. A rosin bag holds A LOT of blow. Or it could be the fumes from his hair bleach. There are a lot of factors involved here. Let’s not mess up a genuine emotion by overanalyzing whether we’re about to have a cocaine-induced cardiac episode, OK? Not everything has to be talked to death. This is bumming us out now. Everything ends too soon.

Change your mind, Kenny. We’ll still take you back and shit.

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Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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