Elena Is Basically the Official Sidekick on ‘Billy on the Street’ Now

Elena, the aged New Yorker who perfectly, entirely embodies her city on Fuse’s Billy on the Street, has become a real presence in this third season. Billy Eichner brought her along for a Lena Dunham bit last month, and now he’s extended the massive honor of having Elena join him in a round of “For a Dollar,” a quiz stunt typically reserved for celebrity accompaniment. Stay tuned for that Elena on the Street series pickup.

Mental health professionals tend to get interviewed about Mad Men quite a bit, but this one’s worthwhile since it’s about Michael Ginsberg, who’s very much in need of a professional opinion these days. “Through the contemporary psychiatric lens, which is very biology-based, the show has really dropped hints all along that Ginsberg is an odd guy and possibly on the schizophrenia spectrum.”

The Post and the News used the same magical Solange–Jay Z headline.

Check out this new Mariah–Rich Homie Quan song produced by Hit-Boy. Actually has a little of that “N—-s in Paris” flavor.

This will greatly excite Rocky Horror fans and Twitter.com enthusiasts.

Ursula Parker, the 10-year-old who plays the younger daughter on Louie, sounds pretty remarkable. All through this interview with Vulture, she’s saying stuff like, “I really love the unusual development of my character and all the interesting psychological things.” There’s also a new supercut of her whining on the show, and, just to round out the day in Louie, here’s C.K. talking about the time he was sure Fallon had died.

The new Roots album, … And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, is (a) proof that ellipses are having a moment (Magna Carta, the museum-edition Wu, the new Mariah), and (b) now streaming at Pitchfork. Also, (c) it’s a concept album, like 2011’s undun was, and (d) features a grand piano meltdown in the middle of track eight.

The first promo pic for The Walking Dead‘s fifth season is here. It’s a picture of Rick. Rick Grimes? You know what he looks like. But yeah, it’s him.

Showtime’s Penny Dreadful debuted higher than the series premieres of Masters of Sex and Homeland. 1.44 million viewers tuned in, not counting the 900,000 who checked out the episode online and on Showtime’s app beforehand.

Marvel and Netflix’s 13-episode Daredevil series is being planned out “as a very large movie.”

Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany is doing The Woman in Gold. She’ll play a younger version of Helen Mirren, a Holocaust survivor who goes on a “crusade to get back her long-lost family heirlooms, including Gustav Klimt paintings, from the Austrian government 60 years after Nazi soldiers stole them from her home.”

And Michael Giacchino (Lost, Ratatouille, Star Trekwill score Jurassic World. Hope he’s got the melodica chops …

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