Drake and Nicki Buy Snacks the Same Way You Buy Snacks

Drake, you may well know, resides in a multimillion-dollar home with giant bronze giraffes and lions. Nicki Minaj just smashed Vevo’s 24-hour record for views. But neither of those things has any tangible effect on where they get their snack on. Check it out, video evidence that these two hit the same overly fluorescent convenience stores that you do. And eat the same Cheez-Its!

In a deep new Times interview, André 3000 says his Hendrix movie pulled him out of a depression and that performing live doesn’t really do anything for him.

Party Down is coming to Hulu, where it’ll be streaming for the first time in four years. Just the existing two seasons. FOR NOW. (#season3onhulu)

Super cromulent infographic about who and what have gotten the most focus over The Simpsons‘ full run.

Here’s a trailer for Amazon’s Transparent, which will premiere all 10 episodes September 26. The pilot was excellent.

The New York Times’s Dave Itzkoff is penning a Robin Williams bio. Great news. He’s previously the author of two memoirs and a 2014 book about the making of Network.

Steve Carell’s starring in a Looney Tunes movie.

Oprah’s doing Lee Daniels’s Richard Pryor biopic.

Blacc Hollywood is Wiz Khalifa’s first no. 1 album, with 90,000 sold.

Chelsea Handler’s big E! farewell featured Sandra Bullock, 50 Cent, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler, Tim Gunn, Allison Janney, Joel McHale, and pretty much all the people.

Colbert got Gwen Stefani’s memo on how to properly mispronounce his name.

I’ll call [my team] saying, ‘Put this up! Put that up!'” And that’s how famous people (in this case, Robert Plant) tweet.

And a pop-up Central Perk will appear in Manhattan this fall. You know, ’cause Friends and everything!

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