‘Do You Like Prince Movies?’ Podcast: ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and the Grammys

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This week Alex and Wesley discuss the new Lana and Andy Wachowski movie, Jupiter Ascending. They agree it doesn’t work, but who else would’ve made a fantasy about a housecleaner with a special intergalactic destiny? Does its likely commercial failure signify the end of a certain kind of upper-tier blockbuster moviemaking? Should a studio keep bankrolling movies that win them neither great reviews nor more money, simply, say, because the Wachowskis are the Wachowskis?

Then it’s on to Sunday’s night broadcast of the 57th Grammy Awards. Were they a train wreck of alleged respectability or a legitimate representation of the music business in 2015? How is it that 60-year-old Annie Lennox was the most electrifying performer at the show? And Wesley calls “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” a Negro spiritual in jest. Luckily, gospel genius Alex is on hand to clarify.

Next week is the Prince Movies book club! This month’s title is Autobiography by Morrissey.

By the way, the Twitter person who mentioned Eddie Redmayne’s being like Joan Crawford and Voldemort in Jupiter Ascending is Jake Cole, a.k.a. @notjustmovies.

Listen to the podcast here.

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The Jam of the Week

“Don’t Be Square (Be There),” Adam and the Ants, 1980

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