DIVAWATCH: Who Is the Girl in the Red Backpack?

Two months ago, we, the Diva Committee, anointed “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” as the greatest Diva Anthem of all time, narrowly edging out Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You.” Since that brave, revolutionary day, we have studied the history of “And I’m Telling You” for supporting evidence. Had Freddie Mercury ever sung THE BIG ONE? Had Elton John, at any time, put aside “Daniel” and just gone for the glory? Had Mariah, in her big hair/jean shorts/black tank top/Rollerblade phase (read: the 1927 Yankees of style combinations) ever unstrapped her girdle, pooched out her gut and pointed out at the crowd? “And you, you’re gonna love me …”

The search has been mostly fruitless. But today, courtesy of reader Cecile Dominguez, shocking footage out of Manila! Who is this young woman in the red backpack? How did she achieve the optimal fray on her jean shorts? Why is there a karaoke machine set up in front of a Wine and Liquor Store? How is she killing it so hard?

According to YouTube, she is “random” and singing in the “SM Megamall.”

If you have any information on the Girl in the Red Backpack, please contact Grantland’s talent management division.

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