An Interview With the YouTube User Who Made a Von Wafer–Delonte West Highlight Mixtape

Today’s justification for the entire Internet comes from YouTube user Maxim Libert, who, in June 2011 posted “Delonte West & Von Wafer mix,” a video that, as the title promises, mixes together highlights of Delonte West and Von Wafer. If you’re like me, this is the greatest title for a movie since Kung Fu Hustle set the gold standard. Let it run.

0:01 The track says “This is a Travis Barker production” but the screen is saying this is a “brazerz Production.”

0:14 Woody Allen font! For what it’s worth, this video is better than Blue Jasmine and does laps around Midnight in Paris.


1:11 Honestly, I had no idea this had ever happened. The Delonte shrug after he throws an alley-oop pass to seemingly nobody into the basket is the reason why God (pronounced johd) invented GIFs (pronounced jifs).

1:21 Run back the shrug.


2:00 Von Wafer also gets the Woody Allen font treatment. Who is the Von Wafer of the Woody Allen canon? I’m going with Muriel Hemingway in Manhattan because Von Wafer will always love you even if you ignore him and treat him badly, NBA execs.

2:15 We’re going on 15 seconds of Von Wafer shooting 18-footers in practice. Every second is precious.

3:11 The video ends here, but Maxim Libert wisely lets the music run and thanks us for watching. Can’t argue with him here, given the rarity of Von Wafer highlights.

Grantland scored an exclusive Twitter interview with Libert, a 16-year-old NBA fan who lives in Estonia. Follow him on Twitter at @makslibert and check out his Shaq video.

Can you tell us why you made a Delonte/Von Wafer mix?

I was a delonte fan, when he was in Boston. I made this with Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Thanks. Are you also a Von Wafer fan?

Not much, but he is great guy, with good conditions for NBA games.

A sincere thanks to Maksim for making our day so much better. And thanks David Stern for expanding the reach of the NBA so that fans like Maksim can put up YouTube videos that make all of us happy and want to hug the Internet.

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