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  • Divas

    DivaRank! The Final Standings for 2013

    A year’s worth of stank, soul, and hate for Queen B crammed into a single-column serving portion.

  • Adrien Broner

    Maidana vs. Broner: The Unraveling

    Athletes should not be judged for losing, only for the way they handle losing, which means that on Saturday night in San Antonio, Adrien Broner, the undefeated champion of three weight classes, had some outs. Sure, he was in the middle of getting beat, badly, by a highly motivated man with bad intentions, and nothing […]

  • Kyrie Irving

    NBA Betting Lines: Kyrie vs. Dipo, Knicks-Celtics, and Dwight Comes to the Oracle

    We have reached the dog days of the betting season. What once was clear, robust conviction has devolved into mushy, degenerate gloop. Let’s get on with it.

  • An Interview With the YouTube User Who Made a Von Wafer–Delonte West Highlight Mixtape

    Today’s justification for the entire Internet comes from YouTube user Maxim Libert, who, in June 2011 posted “Delonte West & Von Wafer mix,” a video that, as the title promises, mixes together highlights of Delonte West and Von Wafer. If you’re like me, this is the greatest title for a movie since Kung Fu Hustle […]

  • Paul George

    We Went There Meets NBA Betting Lines: Paul George OMGWTF

    Last week, My Scrabble Friend had an idea. Because I want to steer as far away from endorsing this as I can, I’ll let him explain it himself: Scrabble Friend: There’s a prop bet for the first team to score 20 points in a game. These lines actually carry odds on them, roughly 20 percent […]

  • Kevin Garnett

    NBA Betting Lines: Casualties of a Dice Game

    To date, My Scrabble Friend and I have made 67 bets on the NBA, including the picks from this column, and have won a whopping total of $10. This isn’t bad, especially when you factor in the vig, but we have probably invested at least 50 hours in developing different “systems” and gambling rules, which […]

  • Jeremy Lin

    Jeremy Lin, Again

    The meaning of Linsanity 2.0.

  • Ty Corbin

    NBA Betting Lines: The Horrors of the Atlantic City Bus

    Today’s installment of NBA Betting Lines comes to you from a Greyhound parked outside the Atlantic City hospital. It’s 9:14 on a Sunday morning. A dense, acrid fog sits over the boardwalk and everything smells like fish guts in the sun. For reasons unknown, half the passengers on this bus carried on mini-breadmakers. It’s been […]

  • Mascot, Money

    NBA Betting Lines: Phoenix? Phoenix!

    Happy days are here again! My Scrabble Friend and I went on a run this week thanks to the Phoenix Suns, who have gone undefeated against the spread this year. We have bet and will continue to bet the Suns until Vegas throws out a scare line like Pho (+2) @ OKC, at which point […]

  • Mike Tyson

    Memories of a Fighter

    Undisputed Truth and the ever-changing Mike Tyson narrative.

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