Chasing Maverick: Archer Does Top Gun

Everything you need to know about the incredible attention to detail in this Archer makeover of Kenny Loggins’s “Danger Zone (Love Theme to Top Gun*)” is contained in the fleeting moment at 1:11, when Sterling/Maverick short-arms Cyril/Goose’s dog tags into the Pacific. Tom Cruise, as you may remember, cannot throw, and his awkward heave of his beloved jetmate’s memory into the roiling waters of the ocean that claimed him has always bothered us. And there it is again. The Archer gang loves nothing more than to rip open an old wound and pour a dirty martini into it. This video is simultaneously a joyous tribute and the deepest of criticisms. Enjoy.

[h/t Warming Glow]

*Before you get all whooped up: We know the actual love theme to Top Gun is the meaty report of high-fiving hands on the beach volleyball court, not the Loggins song.

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