Box Office Top Five: You Love ‘Ride Along’ So Much, America

"Ride Along" New York Screening

1. Ride Along, $12.3 million (last week: no. 1; $93 million cumulative)

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have run this show for three weekends in a row. They made themselves kings of January, lords of the new buddy cop comedy. But still, Super Bowl weekend is no time to be going to the movies, it looks like — even in first place, Ride Along dipped 42 percent and led a pretty so-so weekend of ticket purchasing.

2. Frozen, $9.3 million (last week: no. 4; $360 million cumulative)

I’m very close to renaming this column The Frozen Box Office Top Five, Presented By Your Good Friends at Frozen. It’s just that much of a fixture. (And if you’re really slavering for stats this Monday, Frozen just nabbed the fourth-biggest 10th weekend of all time, behind Titanic, Avatar, and Slumdog Millionaire.)

3. That Awkward Moment, $9 million (opening weekend)

Zac Efron’s worst opening ever. Sucks that Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller had to get pulled into the blast zone, though.

4. The Nut Job, $7.6 million (last week: no. 3; $50.2 million cumulative)

Crossing the $50 million mark isn’t too shabby for a first-time animation studio called ToonBox. But if this one’s still here after The Lego Movie drops next week, that’ll be something.

5. Lone Survivor, $7.2 million (last weekend: no. 2; $104.85 million cumulative)

“On Saturday, the Afghanistan war drama became the final 2013 release to reach $100 million,” Box Office Mojo writes. It’s always nice to hear about a movie’s success when it doesn’t immediately mean there’ll be a sequel and four more annual installments after that.

Also notable: Labor Day’s $5.3 million debut wasn’t a banner moment for Jason Reitman, whose Young Adult and Thank You for Smoking each earned almost as much ($3.4 and $4.5 million, respectively) in less than half as many theaters. Juno, the most successful of Reitman’s five films, made $10.6 million in just 1,000 theaters in its fourth week in 2007, and Up in the Air earned $11.3 million in almost 2,000 theaters in its fourth week in 2009. Meanwhile, topping out the Oscar contenders was American Hustle at seventh place with $4.3 million, bringing its total to $133.6 million.

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