Box Office Top Five: Everything’s Still Awesome for ‘The Lego Movie’

1. The Lego Movie, $48.8 million (last week: no. 1; $129.1 million cumulative)
Around now is when we start staking out the horizon to see when the next big children’s movie is coming to unseat whatever happens to be dominating the box office. But when The Lego Movie is doing so damn well (it only dropped 29 percent in revenue) and the next contender is the relatively obscure Rocky and Bullwinkle spinoff called Mr. Peabody & Sherman, we can expect everything to remain awesome for some time. My guess is until March 21’s Muppets Most Wanted, at least.

2. About Last Night, $27 million (opening weekend)
Kevin Hart just won his second spot in the top five in the past month, having led for three straight weeks with Ride Along, which only dropped to sixth place this week. The man is unstoppable. About Last Night’s debut — which was on 2,253 screens versus 3,775 for The Lego Movie and 3,000ish for everything else in the top five — was also, per Box Office Mojo, “the best opening for a romantic comedy since 2012’s Think Like a Man ($33.6 million), which also featured Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, and Regina Hall.”

3. RoboCop, $21.5 million (debut weekend; $26.4 million cumulative after mid-week opener)
Life lesson: No one wants to go see a movie in the middle of freezing, depressing, snow-on-the-ground-in-49-out-of-50-states February except parents with insatiable Legochildren™ and couples who feel beholden to V-Day but not beholden enough to do anything more creative than see a new rom-com. It doesn’t matter if your new flick’s a remake of a mega-recognizable action franchise with a supercool protagonist, or if it has a murderer’s row of actors. Find a summer weekend next time, bro.

4. The Monuments Men, $15 million (last week: no. 2; $43.7 million cumulative)
George Clooney’s latest is now his highest-grossing ever as director, even if the total isn’t overly impressive.

5. Endless Love, $13.4 million (opening weekend)
The third ’80s remake to premiere this weekend is also the third ’80s remake to crash the top five this weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, more than 55 percent of the film’s grosses came from Valentine’s Day screenings, “which makes this one of the most front-loaded debuts ever.” Meaning you will never, ever see Endless Love in the top five again.

Also notable: Frozen is out of the top five! After 11 weeks in the top five (five of them spent at no. 2, two spent at no. 1), Disney’s latest fell to no. 8 with $5.85 million. There’s also screenwriter/producer Akiva Goldsman’s directorial debut, the very-confusing-looking Winter’s Tale, which opened at no. 7 with a teensy $7.8 million.

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