Arrested Development and Netflix Are Here to Entertain You Already With Some Fake Movie Titles

Arrested DevelopmentSplitsider today points our attention to a neat little bit of promo: As an early plug for the mega-size 2013 return of Arrested Development, Netflix has thrown up a bunch of fake movie titles in their “New choices to Watch Instantly” department that riff off of AD. No, they’re not in any way real (they just link to the show’s Netflix page), but they have posters and taglines and everything! Like:

Families with Low Self Esteem: Tobias Funke, the semi-renowned Freudian analyst/therapist and former chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides counseling to families deep in crisis in this deeply probing and emotionally uplifting series”


Wrench: When faced with some of the toughest cases the mean streets of Los Angeles has to offer, by-the-books detective Frank Wrench realizes he needs to loosen up, break some rules and maybe even throw out the book entirely, in order to get tough on crime.”


Ek Tha Tiger: When elite Indian secret agent Tiger investigates a Dublin scientist who may be selling secret missile technology to Pakistan, he falls for the scientist’s caretaker, and the two find themselves on an explosive journey of espionage and passion.”

Oh, wait, sorry, that last one’s real. Looks good!

Anyway, check out all the fake movies here, and then, uh, continue already having your calendar marked for Arrested Development‘s return. Also, while we’re here: seeing how a wondrously spirited quote-off broke out in the comments the last time we posted on Arrested Development, how about you masses try your hand at churning out some fake-AD movie titles, too? Leave ’em below. Best one gets an approving nod of recognition!

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