Afternoon Links: The Singing, Dancing, Hoop-Jumping, Mike Tyson–Accompanying Neil Patrick Harris

If you managed to avoid watching the Tony Awards, here’s the eight-minute opening number for you. It contains many highlights — Mike Tyson, a Once homage, the Matilda children, and something else. What was it? Hmm. Oh yes, the hoop jump. “How is nobody commenting on the fact that he jumped through a fucking hoop?” asked a wise YouTuber. Other commenters were brought to tears and other forms of personal theater-y epiphany. (“I don’t know where’d I’d [sic] be if theatre wasn’t in my life. Simply amazing!”) I’m just left thinking about that time that I got to sit in a seat recently vacated by Mike Tyson as I recorded a Girls in Hoodies podcast and how it felt to absorb all of that crazy pigeon power.


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