Afternoon Links: The Lost Kanye West HBO Pilot

I learned an important lesson today. This morning, I found a link with an embedded clip from a 2008 DOA HBO Kanye West comedy. Being an extremely smart person who is Internet-savvy as hell, I thought I’d save it for after I had coffee and stared at my toes for four hours, at which point the video had been removed by HBO’s copyright police. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! I mourned, I atoned, I vowed to change, and lo and behold, the clip was found again. Redemption! Yahoo explains how the clip got out there, uploaded by an actress who appears alongside West. And if it goes away again, they summarize: West plays himself, paying a visit to a terminally ill child, and the “clip hits rock bottom when Quinn announces that they’ve found a donor heart for the Make-a-Wish kid and goes into graphic details about her gory death. West does his best to look on incredulously. It all ends with Quinn going on an unfunny extended monologue about the donor girl.” During my period of sad introspection, I happened to realize I hate all of my clothes, which I will now use to segue into our next order of busnyeezus: Kanye’s comedy career might not be taking off, but his apparel side project is very healthy indeed. His $120 white T-shirt is only available via back order or eBay (where the price jumps to $300). ’Ye, please. For $38 I can get an NSFW graphic slapped on my shirt that makes me look like I’m an aroused, pants-less man. Up your game!


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