Afternoon Links: The Internet for Kidz, in 1997

Yesterday, we began our links by chastising the Internet for all it’s done to impair our enjoyment of all other sacred media, so today let’s kiss and make nice. Go ahead and adjust your VCR tracking so as best to enjoy this guide to the Internet for kids, a nice 1997 vintage with a fizzy body and notes of apple and those deliciously long ’90s mom-skirts. Your trusty guides, the Jamison family, have just discovered the Web and its “whole world of exciting new possibilities,” like e-mailing President Clinton and futzing around with Netscape Navigator. Check out those sick “chat lines”! A/S/L? Actually, ’97 kids, maybe just go back to watching Kenan & Kel for the next few years and check back when you’re not so abductable.






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