Afternoon Links: ‘The 40 Hottest Women in Tech’ Is the Internet’s Most Hatest Listicle

Hot Woman in TechAh yes, the slideshow countdown list. The best thing the Internet has ever done for humanity. How groundbreaking of Complex magazine to list the 40 Hottest Women in tech with a cleavage-riddled parade of images accompanied by an intro blurb shaming “the patriarchy.” The author, Luke Winkie, responded to the predictable objections to his piece by blaming Complex for doctoring his list and descriptions: “I pretty much only included normal looking women, who were involved in something really crucial or exciting in the tech space. I made no allusions to their looks in the blurbs, and ended up with simply a long list of very exciting women. Of course when the piece actually ran, I discovered that over half of the women I had included were replaced with people like Morgan Webb, complete with the usual lascivious dialogue. Sigh. It’s hard to win when you’re writing for Complex, but please know that I tried.”

[Rides Beetlejuice Minecraft roller coaster off into the weekend.]

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