Afternoon Links: Spring Breakers vs. Girls VS. Spring Breakers vs. Disney VS. Gucci Mane vs. Sleep

You knew this was coming: It’s time for the Spring Breakers permutations to roll on in. Here we have “Disney’s Princess Spring Breakers” featuring Abby Elliot (“It means no worries for the rest of ya days, y’all”), and here is the Lena Dunham/Alien “Girls Gone Wild” mash-up. “When you really analyze this film you quickly realize that it may be the first movie to ever be cast by the Internet, for the Internet,” so have at it. Gucci Mane was reportedly so stoned during the filming of his sex scene that he passed out. When he woke up, he said “I feel real nice. I feel like Mozart’s on my dick.” Meme time.

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