Afternoon Links: Sharknadomania!

SyFy Sharknado

You crawl out of your basement with your flashlight in hand. You walk out your front door and look around. Felled trees, broken fins, Tara Reid, chainsaws: Oh, how the landscape has changed. It looks like a murder scene bred with a sushi bar. Toto’s collar is on the ground next to a flopping shark. You may not have seen the Sharknado hit, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t affect you profoundly. You have the distinct sense that this is a weather pattern that will repeat, and that said repeat may in fact already be brewing. Batten down the hatches. We must prepare for Aftersharks, for the Tsharknami, and in cold regions, for the Sharkalanche. Someone call Al Gore. This is an emergency.



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