Afternoon Links: The Grand New Budapest Trailer

We’ve been familiar with the all-star Andersonian cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel for some time, so it’s time we started getting familiar with the inevitably kooky character names. The zaniest of all? Adrien Brody’s Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis. Also, who knew there’d be such mystery afoot in this one?

Hugh Jackman may play Blackbeard in Pan, a film about the origins of juvenile delinquent and peanut butter namesake Peter Pan.

Beyoncé’s Beyoncé will be no. 1 next week, too. Meanwhile, Fuse will air all 17 new music videos on Monday night. The kids have to go to bed basically right after “Pretty Hurts.” And even that one’s going to require some conversation.

How I Met Your Mother will conclude its nine-season run on March 31. CBS will shill the F out of 2 Broke Girls in that time slot afterward.

The How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer doesn’t indicate if we’ve got a second classic children’s movie on our hands, but damn it’s fun to watch those dragons cruise around.

Angel Haze leaked her debut album three months early yesterday; now her label’s bumped up the Dirty Gold release date from March 3 to December 30. Hashtag power play.

How does it feel to be a young man who happily got a Drake tattoo and immediately realized he doesn’t really like Drake that much at all? This is how.

Pusha T’s going into the studio with the Neptunes for three weeks starting January 2. The album will be called King Push.

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann’s The Other Woman will feature the motion picture debut of Nicki Minaj. Kate Upton’s in there, too.

Bill Gates Secret Santa’d someone on Reddit.

This is the J-Law moment you’ve been waiting for, sex toy enthusiasts.

Daft Punk will perform at the Grammys, as will Kendrick Lamar, alongside Imagine Dragons.

Vulture’s week of micro oral histories just got real with the story of Donna losing her virginity on Beverly Hills, 90210.

And the Anchorman dudes raised heck on The Daily Show last night.

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