Afternoon Links: Arcade Fire Has Another Treat for You

Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife” video starts with a sad single papa feeding his sons supper. It moves to bedtime, then all over the place, beautiful and melancholy throughout its black-and-white journey. Emily Kai Bock, who’s worked with Grimes and Grizzly Bear, wrote and directed the clip.

In Japan, Fox will air NCIS for 10 days nonstop and receive a Guinness World Record for it.

The Monty Python reunion follow-up: It’s a live show at London’s O2 arena next July. Sounds like a best-of situation. “People do really want to see the old hits, but we don’t want to do them in a predictable way,” John Cleese said. “The main danger we have is that the audience know the scripts better than we do.”

Vulture tried convincing Alfonso Cuarón to make the new J.K. Rowling movie. He’s not not interested!

Axl Rose’s ex-wife — also the inspiration for the Sheryl Crow classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine” — is auctioning off Axl’s old stuff. Not just items like his flannel from the “Welcome to the Jungle” video, though — how about the couple’s wedding video, and some love letters from Axl?

Pitchfork is putting out a quarterly print edition. Hey, we know a website that does that …

Watch a trailer for The Avengers, only with bloopers instead of regular footage.

An adaptation of A Visit From the Goon Squad may move to the Sundance Channel, where it might stand an actual chance at getting made. It’s been not happening at HBO for nearly three years.

Catching Fire had a scene with an arrow hitting someone in the face, but that would’ve earned the movie an R rating. No more face-arrow.

Key and Peele, of Key & Peele, got a much-deserved Fresh Air session with Terry Gross.

Justin Timberlake might take a stab at country someday.

Why the hell is Mark Wahlberg ripping out his costar’s weave on the set of Transformers 4? Personal space, bro. We’re sorry you took the mind-numbing job, but act like a grown-up now.

And this pitch-shifted version of “Wrecking Ball” is a putrid nightmare soundtrack. [h/t]

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