Afternoon Links: Aaron Paul Still Rules, Probably Won’t Ever Stop

Aaron Paul has done a great many lovely things other than Breaking Bad. Once he walked out of his home to chat with fans; another time he just casually shared how much he’d love to star in The Dark Tower. He really went out of his way, though, the time he helped Jason propose to Jackie. (Fast-forward to the 5:30 mark if you must.)

Dev Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange ) lost all his belongings and his dog in a fire last night. You can help him here, or at least go buy his great new album here.

Instances of the word “fuck” Bradley Cooper uses in this great GQ profile by friend of Grantland Zach Baron: 13. “Fuck”s dedicated to John Milton’s Paradise Lost: 5.

President Obama digs the way Washington works on House of Cards. “I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient. It’s true. It’s like Kevin Spacey, man this guy’s getting a lot of stuff done.”

Costner + McG + Luc Besson = 3 Days to Kill. [h/t]

75 tunes are eligible for Best Original Song at the Oscars. Jay Z’s Great Gatsby track, the grammatically avant garde “100$ Bill,” is there, as is Pharrell’s “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 (better get nominated, better win), plus something from Anchorman 2.

Super Mario World with Sonic the Hedgehog sound effects. Try not to freak out.

Lorde on Reddit: “I know when I’m onstage, I don’t think about how it looks, i just concentrate on really feeling what I hear. But I totally know I look like Gollum when I perform, so it’s cool.” [via]

New Black Lips, “Boys in the Wood.” Sounds drunk, sounds good. [via]

Sweden’s David Lagercrantz will pick up dead author Stieg Larsson’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Series and run with it. The new novel, due in August 2015, will feature protagonists Blomkvist and Salander, although it’ll be all-new material, not anything involving the draft of a fourth book Larsson was composing when he died.

Another Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer. Already.

A tidy oral history of Six Feet Under’s famous final montage.

Target seems salty that Beyoncé went with iTunes instead of the retailer this time around. It won’t sell physical copies of Beyoncé, even though it’s coming out a week after the digital version dropped, and even though it almost immediately became one of the year’s very best sellers.

Linda Cardellini now has a recurring New Girl role as Jess’s sister.

And Rihanna is Eminem’s therapist in the video for “The Monster.” [via]

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