Why Is Everybody Punching Brandon Jennings in the Face?

Almost exactly a month ago, Brandon Jennings got slapped in the face during a Drew League game in Los Angeles. Today, we have reports that Jennings was punched in the grill by L.A. rapper The Game at a nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday. AT HIS OWN BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Would you punch this man in the face? It seems like the answer, these days, is a solid “50/50.” The latest incident took place at a club called Lure, which I happen to be familiar with because I really love nightclubs. Just kidding, it’s across the street from the ArcLight. Anyway, according to the HoopsVibe story linked above, The Game thinks of Lure as a second home, and he didn’t take kindly to Jennings hogging the DJ booth microphone in what is, basically, his house. Some words were exchanged, and then, allegedly, The Game exchanged his fist with Jennings’s face.

I have a couple of points I’d like to make about this.

Your birthday is the one day of the year where you are legally, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, allowed to get #turnt. It’s your day. If you want to hog the mic in the DJ booth, you can do it. I feel like The Game didn’t just violate Brandon’s face space, he violated the social contract.

That being said, Brandon Jennings sure gets under people’s skin, doesn’t he? There was the Mike Taylor stuff from Drew League, and even just a cursory scan of Google reveals a series of tiffs and feuds (most of which are actually really entertaining):

• He got into it with Bradley Beal last November …

• He had an argument on Twitter with Kevin Durant about whether Los Angeles or the D.C. area had the better NBA players, which included Durant hilariously telling Jennings that Josh Selby “cooks” Jennings “on the regular.”

Back in January 2012, Carmelo Anthony had some choice words for him …

(Heads-up to the shrinking violets: There’s some blue language in that video.)

Great stuff all around. Now, I certainly don’t want Jennings to get beat up or hurt or anything. And he certainly seems to be healing up nicely from the incident:

But I’m really into him embracing his role as NBA irritant. I need him to be the villain on the Pistons, America’s team. We already have Andre Drummond maybe dating Jennette McCurdy, and Josh Smith giving heart attacks to shooting-efficiency fiends. When you watch an NBA game, you see a lot of dudes who have been playing games against and with each other for most of their lives — in high school, AAU, summer camps, and college. There’s just a lot of camaraderie and friendship on display. We need a bad boy. We need Brandon Jennings creating chaos in every arena he visits, pissing off All-Stars, and getting punched by rappers. May Jennings behave like every day is his birthday.

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