These Dogs Are Probably Better Than You (or Me) at Most Things

Let me just say, first things first, please watch the video above.

Honestly, you, savvy and jaded consumer of the Internet, probably think you have seen it all. And to be fair, there’s a lot out there that has already been through your browser and is now passé: a dog pedaling a bike, a dog singing along with an iPad (now available on iTunes!), and the list goes on and on. But the video above of Mary Ray performing a swing-dancing routine with her dog (and, spoiler alert, A SECOND DOG JOINS HALFWAY THROUGH) at Crufts — which a cursory Google search tells me is the “Biggest and best celebration of dogs” in the U.K. — is much more of a spectacle of human and canine resolve than most anything you’ve seen before. Move over Titus, the trick-shot baby, there’s a new inspiration in town.

Bonus: For more heartwarming comments, check out the YouTube comments for the video, which show genuine support for Mary Ray and this routine. It will make you believe in people again.

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