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  • ‘Serial Filler’ Podcast: Predictions for the ‘Serial’ Season Finale

    In this one-off podcast about ‘Serial,’ Chuck Klosterman, Phoebe Reilly, and David Cho talk Adnan’s potential innocence, Jay’s involvement, and predictions for the finale.

  • These Dogs Are Probably Better Than You (or Me) at Most Things

    Let me just say, first things first, please watch the video above. Honestly, you, savvy and jaded consumer of the Internet, probably think you have seen it all. And to be fair, there’s a lot out there that has already been through your browser and is now passé: a dog pedaling a bike, a dog […]

  • 2-Year-Old Baby Titus Is an Inspiration to Us All

    There are some people (namely this blog’s editor Chris Ryan) who don’t want to believe in anything good in the world. People like Chris feast on negativity, they get off on the nightmares and failures of others. When they see a video of what looks to be a 2-year-old child making basket after basket, they […]

  • Dan Sullivan Is Not Not in Shape

    Watch this video. Pretty cool, right? I’m not an NFL scout by trade (sorry if there was any confusion or I misled you in any way), but this 2011 video of Monmouth University’s Dan Sullivan seems very impressive! Now, it’s possible that, in college weight rooms all over the country, there are just tons of […]

  • Big Bird

    Dwight Howard and His Big, Yellow Friend

    Dwight Howard, on his new teammates, from the Los Angeles Times: “I don’t think there’s nobody like Pau … But I think Pau was on Sesame Street … the yellow bird.”

  • Grading the Charts … IN K-POP!

    This week we enlisted Grantland’s own K-pop expert David Cho to help us take a closer look at the latest K-pop chart. 1. Seo In Kook & Jeong Eun Ji, “All for You” David Cho: So here’s the way this one works. There’s this drama (read: soap opera; for more info click here) that’s about […]

  • British Open Sweater Power Rankings

    It’s cold up in Lancashire. Bring a sweater. Oh! I see you already did, golf pros. As de facto ruler of this blog, I say Tiger wins, because I’m into the off-white vibe with a flash of pink. But putting aside personal and sartorial preferences, I thought I should bring some experts into the fold […]

  • Things We Found on eBay: A Harper Home Run Ticket and a Roller Hockey Jersey (Not Worn by Matthew Perry)

    Bryce Harper 5/27/12 4th Home Run #4 Ticket Unused! – $6.00 On the surface, this seems like a perfectly harmless and inconsequential eBay listing that like many others before it makes you ask yourself, “All right, who would really buy this?” But then when you look a little closer, this item makes even less sense, […]

  • Souper Bowl Bracket

    Souper Bowl I: A Tale of Two French Onions

    As we enter the last few days of the Souper Bowl, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all learned a lot of valuable lessons: what it means to overcome adversity, and the significance of having a unified vision for success, for starters. But most importantly, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves. (Namely, we’ve […]

  • Things We Found on eBay: Jay Cutler Plaques, Brett Favre Statues, and Your Childhood Card Collection

    Chicago Bears/Jay Cutler Sports Plaque — $19.95 The idea of having this picture of Jay Cutler displayed above the quote, “For the last time, I cannot flag someone for making you cry,” is one of those ideas that you and your buddies talk about while watching football one Sunday, it’s getting a lot of LOLs […]

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