The Triangle Podcast: NBA Finals and Euro 2012

Russell Westbrook (L) and Serge IbakaThis week on the Triangle Podcast, Robert Mays, my NBA Shootaround brother in arms, joins me to talk about everything NBA Finals-related. We chatted about the pace at which the Thunder play and the almost celestial level at which LeBron James seems to be operating. The main thing we took out of this conversation? We’re OK with the Heat. I think.

Mays and I then turned our attention to solving Greece’s economic crisis. OK, we just jawed about Euro 2012. Is this Cristiano Ronaldo’s world and we’re just living in it? How does this mix of salty vets and bright young things suit England? Can France upset Spain? Can anyone beat Germany?

Find out the answer to these questions and many more. Mays and I explain it all.

Listen to Thursday’s podcast here.

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