Some Questions for This Guy About to Free-Fall From Space

Have you seen Apollo 13? Are you DVR’ing Happy Endings? Are you listening to a podcast up there? Jalen or Hollywood Prospectus? What role did drinking Red Bull play in your training? What role did it play in your decision to take a balloon into space and then jump out of the balloon from space? If I drink enough Red Bull, will I want to free-fall from space, too? Is free-falling from space the only thing you can do to balance out the amount of Red Bull coursing through your bloodstream? Oh, and Rembert Browne wants to know, have you seen the Fresh Prince episode when Hilary’s man, Trevor, proposed to her while bungee jumping … and then died? Not to be morbid! I think he was just curious. He also wants to know: “It was delayed on October 5 due to ‘bad weather.’ What exactly is ‘good weather’ during which to fall 23 miles from space?” Let us know. Like, when you have a chance. I know you’re busy. Thanks!

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