NBA Playoffs Playthrough: Celtics vs. Hawks

Joe Johnson, Marquis DanielsBack in February, we wrote about Anthony Richardson, a brave new voice in NBA commentating. Or at least a brave new voice in commentating during computer vs. computer NBA 2K12 games. Well now it’s time for you to be brave, because Richardson has trained his sense of humor, fleeting grasp of basketball rules and regulations, and fundamental misunderstanding on whether cheerleaders are actually in The Hunger Games or not, and brought it all to the NBA playoffs. Yes, amazing happens here. And in England.

Above, you can see Anthony’s CPU-vs.-CPU playthrough for the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics. It’s … very, very funny. Please watch. And please follow Anthony Richardson and CPU vs. CPU on Twitter. Please check out Anthony’s soccer playthroughs here. (They are hysterical.) And, finally, please jump in the comments and make a prediction for the score of the first Celtics-Hawks game. The reader closest to the actual score will receive an MS Paint portrait of Marty Conlon. Because of course it’s of Marty Conlon.

Get to predicting! And watch this space for more NBA playoff playthroughs from Anthony and the folks over at CPU vs. CPU.

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