Jonah Keri Podcast: Jeff Passan and Craig Calcaterra

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Alex Rodriguez

Major League Baseball finally made its decision on the Biogenesis case, suspending Alex Rodriguez for 211 games and 12 other players for 50 games each. Which means…podcast time.

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan joined Jonah Keri to discuss MLB’s drug suspensions, commissioner Bud Selig’s attempt to ban Alex Rodriguez for life, the difference between the penalties for A-Rod and Ryan Braun and those given to other players, A-Rod’s appeal, and the potential fallout from this case. Then attorney and NBC Hardball Talk baseball writer Craig Calcaterra chimes in with legal opinions. Does the A-Rod suspension set a precedent? Has the union been too lax in opposing MLB’s suspensions for Rodriguez and Braun, given they go against what was codified in the Joint Drug Agreement? And what does this say about the value of the JDA, not to mention baseball’s collective bargaining agreement?

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