Immediately Stop What You Are Doing and Watch This Jeremy Lin Tribute Video

The only person who might be more invested in Linsanity than me and my AZN basketball homies (what up, @MrEddieHuang!) is an unknown emcee named Mega Ran, who recently posted a tribute song online. For the short turnaround time, it’s a solid effort — love the T.I. track, the slow flow, and how hard he reps the Ivy League.

Here are the highlights:
0:54: “6-foot-3 with a four-two / grade-point average, not vertical”
1:59: “Wasn’t recruited for his ball skills / now you gotta wonder how they all feel”
2:15: “The haters gonna hate and call him lucky / first Ivy Leaguer in the league since Chris Dudley”

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