What’s Bumming Justin Bieber Out Today?

Justin BieberNo Grammys, a dustup with the Black Keys, his worst birthday on record — it’s safe to say that Justin Bieber’s 2013 is not living up to the standard of awesomeness that you’d expect from an internationally famous teen heartthrob.

This week has been more of the same. First, on Tuesday, Biebs’s best pal Lil Twist went and crashed Justin’s car. Per TMZ, of course:

We’ve learned Lil Twist was driving Justin’s chromed-out Fisker Karma Tuesday, just after 6 PM, when he crashed into cement poles protecting a wall at a San Fernando Valley liquor store … damaging the poles and badly damaging the front-end of the car.

Sources tell us … either Twist or one of his passengers told an eyewitness, “Do you know whose car this is? It’s Justin Bieber’s car.”

Then last night, Justin was performing a concert in London when he felt woozy and went backstage for some oxygen. Or, according to TMZ, “JUSTIN BIEBER COLLAPSES IN LONDON, HOSPITALIZED”:

A source close to Justin tells us the singer felt woozy during the show at the O2 Arena … and with 4 songs to go, he stumbled backstage where he collapsed.

We’re told the singer was pulled into a private room where he was treated with oxygen from emergency personnel.

Sources say Bieber was advised to go to the hospital … but declined … insisting that he “had to finish the show for his fans.”

After the show, Justin was taken to a London hospital. Fear not, though! Justin Instagrammed that he’s feeling better — jamming to some Janis Joplin, obvs — and proved that one is never too woozy to pass up the opportunity for a shirtless selfie. Rest up, sweet prince of swag.

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