Watch Yoko Ono Take the Flaming Lips Hostage and Scream Her Way Through What Might Be a Song on Letterman

Yoko Ono completists will be delighted to watch her performance with Plastic Ono Band, ably backed up by the Flaming Lips, from The Late Show with David Letterman last night. It’s a tour de force of whatever it is she does when she gets a microphone in her hand. Screaming, mostly. But very purposeful screaming. She would like the wars and violence to stop. Hard to argue with that.

Those who are not quite as finely attuned to her artistic vision may wonder if she’s taken the Flaming Lips’ family members hostage and forced them to play the curiously jam-bandy musical spell that will allow her to open a portal to the netherworld, where her music is wildly popular with the gnashing-of-teeth-and-eternal-disemboweling-by-an-insatiable-snakewolf crowd. The name of her album is Take Me to the Land of Hell, after all, so there seems to be some urgency getting her infernal tour started right there in the Ed Sullivan Theater. You just hope she keeps her promise to the Lips and sets them free after the show. She can hire session guys down in Hades; picking up a gig with Yoko is a nice break from putting in more thankless time grinding away in the Devil’s billion-accordion orchestra. Your arms get tired and it becomes impossible to swat at the snakewolf with your ruined entrails with any effectiveness.

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