Watch Wesley Snipes Explain Hollywood’s Pimp-and-Ho-Based Talent Agency System

This is fascinating: Back in 2008, vampire-hunting tax crusader Wesley Snipes was locked in a legal battle with his talent agency over some unpaid commissions. (We don’t want to make assumptions about the specifics of the case, but perhaps the dispute had something to do with the actor’s well-documented philosophical aversion to sharing any percentage of his hard-earned income with strong-arming outside entities.) Today, the Hollywood Reporter unearths some video of Snipes’s mind-blowing deposition, during which he very calmly explains how the agencies are essentially Armani-clad Don Magic Juans shaking down their stables of movie-star hos. You’d be criminally insane not to watch the video first, but here’s the kicker:

Lawyer Bryan Freedman: What does the pimp do when the ho doesn’t pay?
Snipes: They usually beat them up.
Freedman: No further questions.

The video doesn’t show us what happened next, but if it didn’t involve Snipes and his lawyer high-fiving and strutting out of the deposition while the agency lawyers nervously sipped from their jewel-encrusted pimp cups, something went horribly awry on the cross-examination.

Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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